About Us

We are about Japanese cuisine, the food and the art that creates it. As an island separate from other cultures Japan developed a unique type of food. We serve our customers both the finest Japanese cuisine prepared in the traditional way and the culture that accompanies it. At the same time we are a modern restaurant; Japan has many fine traditions and cuisines, we aim to bring the best of them all.

Siorie Japanese restaurant has been catering to the ever increasing popularity of Japanese food in Sydney. We believe our cuisine rivals the best Japanese food in the finest cities in the world. Part of this is the traditional practices, which ensure that produce is prepared in the finest way possible. Part of this the produce itself, which is always the finest available.

Japan enjoys one of the healthiest cultures in the world. Obesity is low and life expectancy is long. This is at least partly due to the diet, belied by the fact that the food tastes so exquisite. We believe than natural food and the aesthetic appeal that the preparation brings to it have a huge impact on health and people’s satisfaction with Japanese cuisine, and this is just one more reason to eat at a Japanese restaurant.

Located in Surry Hills, we are open most days for lunch and dinner meals, except Sundays and Monday nights. Many people come for the atmosphere as well as the food.